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Low Handicap Mental Tool Kit

Welcome to your Mental Training

Module 1 Overview: The Neutral Zone I am going to first educate you on your brain, your thoughts and the tools to use when we get distracted. I start my process here first because at the beginning of this journey, there are going to be many distractions, which is to be expected and is totally normal. That is why I want to start our journey here together, so you will know what to do when you do get distracted.

Module 2 Overview: Building Confidence Then, we are going to build up your confidence. I am going to teach you techniques that will allow you to sustain and perform with confidence even when you don’t feel it. Most of my students come to me because they have lost their confidence in some way. You will learn how to create it so the next time you don’t feel it, you will know exactly what to do to continue performing with excellence on demand.

Module 3 Overview: Focus The next module is one of my favorites. This module is all about FOCUS. Sport psychology in a nut shell is all about focusing on the right things at the right time—all the time. Essentially, it’s about learning the skill of re-focusing, so when we inevitably get distracted we can re-focus on the things that will allow us to perform at our best when it matters most.

Module 4 Overview: Arousal Control This is where we dive into emotional control and arousal management. Nervousness is inevitable, but what we do with our nervousness is a skill and a choice.

Module 5 Overview: Self-Compassion This module is a very powerful one. Believing in our ability to perform a task successfully is essentially to a successful performance. But how do you train self-belief? How do you increase it when you feel so little of it now? I will show you how and teach you the tools to create more of it in your life.

Module 6 Overview: Training Optimism In this last module, we will dive into the practical research of how to build more hope, positivity, and optimism in our lives - no matter what our circumstances are or the challenges we face. These tools will help participants learn how to bounce back with more resilience, faster, stronger, and better. Here we will introduce the 3P’s of Dr. Martin Seligman’s research from University of Pennsylvania, and we will talk about research on building hope.

Summary: I have structured this program to flow and build from one module to the next. Please take your time and don’t rush through it. If you need to rewatch the videos, please take as much time as you need and let the recipes for building a masterful mind sink in. Take each module and video one at a time and engage with this workbook throughout the course. As you are watching the videos, I highly recommend having this workbook out and make every attempt to fill in the blanks as you hear them in the video. Pause the video as you need to, to answer the questions or circle the correct corresponding words on the provided workbook within each video lesson you watch.

Reflective Practice: After you complete one video, utilize the Reflective Practice Summary and answer questions directly in the workbook. If you need more space to write then continue on with additional paper, but please don’t skip this step. Reflective practice is known to increase your ability to not only retain the information, but also to personalize the information you learn in real-time. Thank you for being here! And for caring enough about your well being, your performance, and your results. Going the extra mile and doing the work will lead you on a path towards ultimate success. Remember - doing the hard stuff now, will bring you the life you want to live in the future.


Let’s get to work!