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July 29th

Mental Game Workshop
With Dr. Mat

LIVE workshop experience with Dr. Mat. Work on elevating your mental game and finish your tournament season strong this summer.


Date: Monday July 29, 2024

Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm ET

Admission Fee: $250

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Four Pillars of MPGA

Discover the essence of MPGA's philosophy: four core pillars that shape champions on and off the golf course.

Mind Over Matter

Empowering mental focus and emotional control to conquer the psychological aspects of golf, enhancing performance under pressure.

Progress Over Perfection

Focusing our attention on getting 1% better over the pursuit of unattainable perfection. Learning how to appreciate the small wins  in both golf and in life.

Growth Mindset

Approaching the game with a belief that ability can be developed through dedication, hard work, and learning from both successes and failures. The belief that failure is an opportunity to learn and get better.

Awareness and Acceptance

Building self-awareness to recognize personal strengths and areas for improvement, embracing both for a well-rounded approach to golf and life.

Choose Your Path 

For Players

MPGA members get exclusive on-demand content to overcome mental barriers in golf.

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For Coaches

Learn to coach the mental game - become an MPGA-certified instructor.

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For Players

Our MPGA Programs

junior golfers

Junior Golf

We are committed to constructing a robust mental foundation that is pivotal in managing the complexities and demands of competitive golf, academic achievements, and the various challenges encountered in daily life.

Join the MPGA Community:

  • Participate in Live Group Coaching
  • Tune into the Everyday Mindfulness Podcast
  • Benefit from MPGA Private Community Support
  • Engage with various Mental Challenges throughout the year with prizes
  • Group Workshops on Topics to Strengthen Your Mental Golf Strategy

Recommended MPGA Offerings:

  • MPGA Membership
  • Personalized One-on-One Private Support (1:1 Coaching)
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amateur golfers

Amateur Golf

Break through mental barriers and tackle inconsistent performance. Perfect for both the weekend enthusiast and the dedicated club champion, mastering the mental aspects of golf can revolutionize your play.

Join the MPGA Community:

  • Engage in Live Group Coaching
  • Access On-Demand Training
  • Participate in the Everyday Mindfulness Program
  • Connect with MPGA Private Community for Support
  • Challenge Yourself with Monthly Mental Exercises
  • Group Workshops on Topics to Strengthen Your Mental Golf Strategy

Recommended MPGA Offerings:

  • MPGA Membership
  • In-depth Analysis and Assessments (Discovery Session)
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Professional Golf

We offer advanced mental training and personalized one-on-one support to high-level college athletes and seasoned professionals. This approach is aimed at consistently achieving and maintaining peak performance.

Join the MPGA Community:

  • Access to high-performance 1:1 Training Support
  • Engage Daily with the Everyday Mindfulness Program
  • Connect with MPGA Private Support Community
  • On-demand Support
  • Player Management Services

Recommended MPGA Offerings:

  • Private 1:1 Coaching
  • Player Management Services
  • Contact us to inquire more about developing a tailored plan
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For Coaches

MPGA Certificate Program

Earn PGA Credits

Receive 20 PGA Education Credits upon successful completion.

Teach the Mental Game

Equip yourself to effectively coach the mental dimensions of golf performance.

Expand Your Coaching Impact

Become a complete coach by addressing the mental side holding golfers back.


Unlocking Your Full Coaching Potential

Transform Your Coaching with MPGA's Certification

  • Access to 69+ Training Videos
  • MPGA Final Exam 
  • Exclusive Coaches' Podcast
  • Everyday Mindfulness Program
  • 100+ Page Coaching Workbook 
  • Private Coaches’ Community Access
  • Bonus features to enhance your business and marketing
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